How do you make a female focused business make noise in a male dominated industry?

Finesque is a financial advisory firm who targets exclusively to high-net-worth professional women. A traditionally male dominated sector, Finesque aims to shake things up. Their tagline epitomises their attitude and rebellion: Welcome to the girls club.


The Finesque logo mark combines the history and strength of the symbol for women, adding its values to the Finesque identity without overtaking it. Instantly iconic, it provides the starting point for a cohesive visual language that is empowering, not tokenistic.

Tangible Experiences

The Finesque business cards utilise the latest in digital printing technologies to achieve an offset result, whilst retaining the agility of digital.

These cards where printed using white ink on duplexed Colorplan papers (540GSM).

Communicating Empowerment

Today, it is very easy to get caught in the trap of appearing tokenistic when creating design for markets that are underrepresented.

For us, we wanted to take a better approach, ensuring that the visual language of Finesque was at all times empowering, respectful and honest.

To ensure this, we developed a comprehensive style guide which gave detailed instructions on how women are to appear, specific instructions of tone-of-voice, partnered with tongue-and-cheek ‘jabs’ at the societal norm.

This guidance has a huge appearance on the perception of the business. Finesque understands women, as it aspires at all times to speak to them equally.



The response has been phenomenal. EVERYONE loves the Finesque brand. Couldn't be happier!
Suzy Jacobs

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