Laboratories Credit Union

Identifying your audience is critical to ensuring your message will be heard.

When LCU approached Tamlyn Creative to task them with creating some fresh new campaign ideas that would help them target a new demographic of customers, it presented an amazing opportunity to introduce the brand to a whole new audience, but also a great responsibility to maintain its connection with its current customer base.

LCU (Laboratories Credit Union) was established in 1954 by CSIRO staff members in North Ryde. LCU started off with just 30 or so members and has grown to over 3,000 members, extending well beyond CSIRO staff and their families. Their focus for much of this time was serving customers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


Recently LCU has looked to expand and attract new business from areas outside their traditional demographic. They knew that on paper their institution ticked all the boxes for potential customers looking to switch, but they were seeking a unique and memorable campaign that could help spread their message and allow them to stand out in an otherwise crowded marketplace.


After much contemplation, it became obvious to us that to create a campaign that was both unique to LCU and broad enough to appeal to the general public, it must be simple yet clever in its execution. It would have to speak two languages, one to those familiar with the brand and its heritage, and another to those seeing it for the very first time.


There’s a science to it.

Creativity is a science, and in this case, we meant it quite literally. After much deliberation the solution became clear – science would be the overarching bridge that would bring all our worlds together. It would provide a rich pool of content from which we could pull a vast array of well-known historical events, famous personalities, popular phrases and iconic imagery. These would then be married with familiar banking terms to create messages that would uniquely represent the brand whilst speaking to both traditional and new customers alike.


Not satisfied with just one theme, we set to work on an entire suite of concepts that would allow the credit union to adapt many of its service offerings to the new campaign.


“Discover a new world of banking” with its astronomical imagery tells a familiar story in a whole new way. The idea of customers searching for a better banking experience is portrayed beautifully by a telescope scanning a sky full of symbolic gold coins.

Rocket Science

“It’s not rocket science” is a classic turn of phrase that we’ve utilised to capture the idea that banking doesn’t need to be complicated. The playful imagery of a rocket ship moneybox flying through space again adds that multi-dimensional symbology to help marry the idea of banking and science.


A household name for generations, Einstein was an obvious choice for a personality that would personify the idea of smart banking. Combined of course with a piggy bank it provides an iconic representation of the theme that can appeal to both brilliant scientific minds and the general public.

 It’s a science

“There’s a science to it” is another classic phrase often applied to everyday pursuits. We’ve now added banking to that list with our hero scientist studiously examining a stack of gold coins, an image that aptly captures the idea of dedicated LCU staff dutifully researching new ways to provide the very best banking services.


Featured across many media channels from print to digital, including web, social media and instore signage, the message has begun to spread, and the response has been incredible.


The takeaway from this project is that when done right, with proper time invested into understanding and empathising with your audience, you can create a message that can engage with both new and existing customers alike.



“Tamlyn Creative’s concept creation was right on point and they used the information we provided about our intended audience and our business to tailor the campaign perfectly.”
Matthew Thoms – Marketing
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