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The importance of standing out and staying ahead.

Solving Metro's identity crisis.

Identifying problems with your brand.

In 2019, Metro Glass and Aluminium came to us with an identity problem. The industry was awash with competitors who all looked and sounded alike – Metro was lost in a sea of sameness. Even worse, some competitors were using very similar styling and naming conventions to leverage Metro’s good name in the industry.

Whether it be web design, graphic design or even new business branding, any good brand strategy agency understands the importance of good research. You can’t find a solution to a problem until you know what the problem is.

So, after an in-depth investigation into Metro’s brand presence, we were able to identify several key problems that required remedy. One of our insights was that Metro had always enjoyed a steady flow of work born out of building meaningful relationships and strong referrals. An issue arose however when these potential customers tried to seek them out, they were unknowingly being funnelled to Metro's competitors.

Brand recognition is critical.

The solution to Metro's problem was quite simple. They needed a brand that would help them stand out from the crowd and funnel potential leads to the correct area without confusion.

Consistency was key.

Metro had to be distinct while still maintaining its core values and personality across multiple touchpoints. Once we created the core branding, we worked to ensure all aspects of Metro's user experience was designed to create brand unity and ensure no matter how Metro was referred or found, they were easily distinguished from the rest.

In a new brand identity that carefully considered logo design, print, digital marketing, signage, apparel, web design and development, our team was able to build a foundation that would serve Metro both now and well into the future.

Consistency was key.

Consistency was key.



They dig deep into the unknown which is great, to actually understand more about your own business and what you are trying to achieve.
Metro Glass & Aluminium
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