Oran Park Podium Rebrand

Rebranding for a stronger vision.

Over time brands can become outdated, however by refreshing things every now and then is an important step to make sure you stay relevant and engaging to your customers.

Core & Strategy Rebrand

After working closely together with Oran Park Podium and helping them grow, they needed a new appearance and game plan to match their growing success. We looked at previous data and discussed what the future held to create them an identity and marketing plan that has proven to be quite successful.

Seizing new opportunities

After creating a close relationship with Oran Park Podium we were able to identify and work on their strengths & weaknesses.

We went through previous data and discovered that previous events focused on kids were gaining the most traction, so we created a kids club campaign.

Within hours of posting, the kids club gained amazing traction and produced the exact result we were chasing. Design isn't just about pretty pictures.

We at Tamlyn Creative dig deep and find what the client truly needs, to create unique and impactful experiences.

Keeping up to date

We regularly create engaging content for Oran Park Podium to post. This can help keep your consumers up to date on what you offer and also keep your product or service top of mind when the consumer makes a purchasing decision.

Keeping up to date

Keeping up to date



Tamlyn Creative have worked closely with us which has led to a dramatic increase in brand awareness and consistency for our Centre.
Oran Park Podium
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