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How can human centred design ensure effective and engaging creative campaigns?

Creative ideas are inspired by insights. Relevance, deep empathy and understanding allows a brand and its customers to interact on an emotional level.

We were engaged to work with ‘The Mac’ Credit Union in developing a creative campaign for both digital and in-branch experiences. The goal was to create a connection with people that are currently disgruntled with the banking industry and feel unsure of what options they have.

The banking industry is a very competitive playing field so it was important we conducted field research to gather insights from external stakeholders, customers and those that can influence the decision making process. After reviewing, we discovered that their current campaign material was targeting an older demographic.

The team brainstormed various ideas, ultimately landing on the emoji campaign direction. Emojis, being globally recognised symbols and familiar to all age brackets, are a great way to communicate messages efficiently while also looking punchy and unique.

We were presented 3 very different concepts, which were of the highest standard and also very different to what we have done in the past. The response to date has been extremely positive.” Tracey Mellin.

The whole campaign from start to finish had the human centred design method applied to it. Daniel,  one of our younger designers is in the main age bracket this campaign was targeting, so was able to use his own personal experience and extensive research to really capture the consumer’s needs and provide solutions that most would not consider.

With the current scandals involving banks at the Royal Commission, The Mac wanted to engage potential customers that were feeling anger and distrust toward the big banks. In a unique and short window, The Mac wanted to seize the opportunity to spin a negative into a positive, positioning themselves as the perfect alternative to the next generation of customers.

Working alongside Tamlyn Creative is such a positive experience – you are taken on a journey and included as a part of the team through the whole process. We were blown away with the level of service that we received. From an initial ‘get to know you’ meeting through to the final delivery of the campaign, we were kept involved and informed. Tamlyn and her team took the time to really understand our business – they asked questions, visited our branches and conducted their own market research to help them formulate the concepts that were provided to us following our brief” Tracey Mellin

The biggest challenge was finding an effective way of grabbing the attention of the younger audience when it comes to financials.  When you are able to immerse yourself in the experience, observe and interact personally, only then can you really grasp the different perspectives and stories.

Understanding the process pre and post of securing a loan, understanding the products on offer and expectations that current external stakeholders are facing makes it easier to design a campaign. Defining the demographic barriers, we were able to execute a desirable and deep connection to today's interactions.

Allowing the creative to be whatever it needs to be and for the brand assets to be stripped back to bare essentials and placed in familiar locations on all collateral, enables a campaign to be quite flexible in creativity and flare. It also keeps it concise, consistent and on-brand.

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The quality of the work that we received was second to none and we would not hesitate in recommending Tamlyn Creative
Tracey Mellin - Marketing Manager

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