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How can human centred design ensure effective and engaging creative campaigns?

Creative ideas are inspired by insights.

In the wake of the damning findings of Australia’s Royal Commission into banking, ‘The Mac’ Credit Union were looking to engage a branding agency to develop a creative campaign that would tap into the community’s growing distrust with the ‘big four’ banks, and encourage them to consider switching to smaller mutuals and credit unions.

Working with a host of these smaller institutions, we were tasked with creating a common message which could be easily adapted to various brands and digital marketing formats.

To find a solution to any problem, you must first identify what the problem is. Whether it be campaign creative, web design, graphic design, business branding etc, identifying the needs and concerns of the audience is key.

In this case we needed to tap into the minds of the general public and better understand their perceptions and knowledge around banking. We conducted various forms of market research including surveys, polls and face to face interviews across several demographics. We also spoke to many of the internal stakeholders and staff at the institutions themselves in an effort to build a thorough snapshot of both the perceptions and misconceptions of all involved in the day to daybanking process.  

Whilst there was quite a diverse response, what quickly became apparent was the large knowledge gap around the workings of the banking industry, and more importantly, many outdated and misinformed ideas about smaller banking institutions. Misconceptions around financial security, lack of services and difficulties in switching banks were the biggest worry for many customers, all of which could be easily alleviated.

Thus the idea of ‘Mythbusters’ was born.

The biggest challenge was finding an effective way of simplifying and highlighting topics which could be quite technical in nature. Our answer to this was to develop a suite of friendly and personable illustrated characters which could be adapted to a host of messages and brand aesthetics.

We narrowed down our list of the most common banking ‘myths’ and proceeded to build our campaign focused on tackling these topics directly. Each took a light-hearted yet informative approach to the problem by first presenting the myth, then effectively ‘busting’ that myth.

Designing brand assets that are easily adapted to all manner of collateral enables a campaign to be quite flexible in creativity and flare, whilst still remaining focused on the core message.

Ultimately the Mythbuster campaign proved crucial to helping multiple mutuals and credit unions communicate their points of difference to a whole new audience. By simplifying their message and educating the public in a creative and entertaining way, they were able to alleviate concerns and welcome a whole new wave of ex ‘big bank’ customers through their doors.



The quality of the work that we received was second to none and we would not hesitate in recommending Tamlyn Creative
Tracey Mellin - Marketing Manager
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