Why you need a workshop

All our design projects are human-centred; starting with the needs of who we are building for and using that empathy to create innovative products that meet those needs.

For this approach to be successful, we need to build a deep reservoir of understanding, both from the business perspective, and the perspective of their users. The way to start this process is with a ‘Discovery Workshop’.

Clients who are not used to a human-centred design process, are often overwhelmed by the process and what it expects. So we’ve put together some points to help ease new clients into this exciting and innovative process.

Our design process

In simple terms, the process begins with developing an understanding of who we are designing for, and ends with solutions that are built around their needs. Through this process our design team immerse themselves into lives of those we are designing for, empowering them to identify opportunities for design.

This process ensures what we make will work, as we’ve always kept those who we are designing for at the heart of the process.

The beginning of our process aims to build a deep empathy with both business and user, the way we facilitate this is through a ‘Discovery Workshop’. The workshop is attended by key members of your business, along with experts from the Tamlyn Creative team.

Our workshop sets the foundation from which the rest of our process progresses. Following this process has clear advantages


The most powerful weapon in a designers toolkit is empathy. Our workshop conducts a series of specific exercises to build a deep understanding of the design problem, the goals of the businesses and the needs of their users.


Our process only allows for the best ideas to rise to the top. It also applies success metrics that we can apply to solutions, before launch, saving massive amounts of time as a result.


Saving time = saving on resources. Our process gives confidence to our ideas and solutions, mitigating costly redesigns.

Creative Confidence

The exercises that comprise our workshop sessions have the distinct purpose building creative confidence with our clients. Creativity isn't your ability to draw, but your approach to solving problems. Our job is to unlock that creativity inside you, so you are part of the solution.


Empathy + Creativity = Innovation. Our process has one final objective, to create innovative solutions. You may have a rough idea of what you want out of a design studio, our workshop scraps preconception so innovative ideas can come to light.

We don't offer an easy option. What we do offer is the promise of innovation and design outcomes that will bring you and your customers closer together. If you'd like to know more about our workshops, send us an email here

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Tamlyn Creative

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