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  • Promotional Videos

  • Commercial Shoots

  • Content Creation

  • Storyboarding

  • Script Writing

  • Model Sourcing

  • Voiceovers and Soundtracks

  • Video Editing

We highly recommend including video content in your marketing strategy. Video can assist in increasing brand awareness and portraying your brand's vibe, attracting and assisting in the conversion of customers and consumers.

Video is such a powerful medium. It has become an integral piece of the digital world we live in, and should be at the forefront of any marketing campaign. It can help increase brand awareness and elevate your brand's vibe, aiding in the conversion of customers.

Storytelling through video is also a powerful way to educate and engage potential customers. A well-told story will create an emotional connection, building trust and rapport with the viewer. You can take them through your customer journey, show them how something is made, show the benefits or explain the problem your brand is solving for them.

There are different types video styles that can assist with telling your brand story. A brand film on company culture, or a series of videos such as case studies, product demonstrations or interview styled testimonials from clients are just a few. The goal is to humanise your brand.


A lot of planning the goes into a video production, we don't just rock up on the day. We build out moodboards, create storyboards, write scripts and even source talent if the budget allows. 


We can create videos in both landscape and portrait, so they are the perfect orientation for their required usage. At the start of the project we ask a series of questions to ensure we understand your needs and where you plan to use the content. Generally clients need a hybrid solution where they have a landscape video (30 seconds to 2 mins) with a series of portrait reels (15 seconds max each) to mix up their social media content. We can also animate your logo for intro or outros and illustrate or animate diagrams.

We believe video is a crucial component to your marketing mix and should not be dismissed.


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