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Our recent projects

Creative Campaigns

Creative campaigns are our jam! Let us work with you to build a creative brief for your next campaign. Whether you are looking for a way to launch an event, product or just a new seasonal campaign we can deliver the right creative for you!

Brand Development

Brand Development is more than just designing a logo or business card. We work differently to other graphic design studios, where we develop a complete brand identity. 

Digital Content

We have been involved in assisting various Shopping Centre Marketing Departments for several years now, from working on creative to going out on location and capturing various marketing events. We deliver high-end photography and videography with quick turnarounds ensuring customers see the action while it's still relevant. This is a great way of keeping your customer up to date with what's going on in your centre or your business.


When developing a brand identity we look at a variety of common touchpoints. Depending on your brand's culture, industry and environment, there may be other things to consider when rolling out your identity. Recommendations for these touchpoints are carefully considered for each client. This is an example of a company rebranding where we have created a very concise and clear point of difference to their competitors...

Personal Brand Photography

At Tamlyn Creative we believe that personal branding is essential for businesses. If you are looking to build content for your socials and website, this is a perfect opportunity to get in front of the camera to highlight your personality and show in context what you do in your business. We can spend a couple of hours with you on location to capture a variety of shots and wardrobe changes to allow for ample content. See example from Kim Purser's shoot where we went on location and had some fun!

Our clients

Brand Launch

We love being a part of a new brand as it comes to life from scratch, and this particular offering provided an opportunity to do something fresh, fun and exciting. 

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