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When Laboratories Credit Union (LCU) approached us to create some fresh new campaign ideas that would help them target a new demographic of customers, it presented an amazing opportunity to introduce the brand to a whole new audience, but also a great responsibility to maintain its connection with its current customer base.

To create a campaign that was both unique to LCU and broad enough to appeal to the general public, it had to be simple yet clever in its execution. It would have to speak two languages, one to those familiar with the brand and its heritage, and another to those seeing it for the very first time.


Creativity is a science, and in this case, we meant it quite literally. LCU is science-focused institution, and as such, science would be the bridge that would bring all our worlds together. It would provide a rich pool of content from which we could pull a vast array of well-known historical events, famous personalities, popular phrases and iconic imagery. These would then be married with familiar banking terms to create messages that would uniquely represent the brand whilst speaking to both traditional and new customers alike.


Not satisfied with just one theme, we set to work on an entire suite of concepts that would allow the credit union to adapt many of its service offerings to the new campaign...

Project scope

  • Identity Design

  • Strategy / Positioning

  • Brand Audit

  • Naming

  • Environment Design

  • User Experience

  • Branded Communication

  • Creative Direction

Laboratories Credit Union

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