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When founder Heather Zigori came to us to create a whole new identity for her new company, we jumped at the chance. We love being a part of a new brand as it comes to life from scratch, and this particular offering provided an opportunity to do something fresh, fun and exciting. 

The company's initial service was providing a 360˚ videobooth service to parties, events and functions, but with a view to potentially expand to other things in the future.  

As always, we began with a brainstorming session to gain a thorough understanding of Heather's vision for the business. From this we were able to determine some directions around how she wanted to position the brand, the various audiences we needed to target, and the overall look and feel she was hoping for.

We then conducted desktop research into what others in the industry were doing. It was clear this was a relatively new service and that our branding material would need to incorporate some kind of informative aspect. With this in mind we set to work brainstorming a selection of potential names for the company. In the end OnQ360 was chosen as it captured the fun, 'techy' vibe of the product whilst offering room to grow in the future.


We then created a selection of moodboards for initial direction, and once determined we moved onto the brand design. It was important at this stage to consider all the elements of the brand. Identity is not just about the logo, but how it works across various touchpoints with all the supporting elements. We incorporated business stationery, website, social graphics, uniforms and promotional material, ensuring a consistent aesthetic across the whole suite.

We also included photography and videography as we knew that being a new and relatively unknown product, imagery would be a key part of telling the story and enticing new customers. We filmed and shot on location at Heather's very first event, then quickly edited and uploaded the files to the website and social media for launch the very next day.

Project scope

  • Brand Naming

  • Identity Design

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Social Media

  • Web Design

  • Promotional Material


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