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Creating branded content is key to creating a visual brand presence in this noisy digital world. People make buying decisions based on emotion, trust and rapport, so it is vital for you to cut through the noise and connect with potential customers. Our job at Tamlyn Creative is to capture your true essence and allow others to connect on an emotional level. 

The goal of personal branding on social media is to capture the true essence, qualities and personality of the individual or brand within a single still frame.

For Kim's shoot we went on location to a gorgeous home in Balmoral Village. She bought with her a handful of outfits and we made use of the different areas of the one location to capture a range of shots for her to use throughout her social media and website.

The shoot was 2 hours of fun and giggles and we were able to capture many different aspects of Kim's personal brand. 


We work with various clients shooting food, product, business and staff. Tamlyn Creative also creates video content for many clients. 

Project scope

  • On-Location Shoot

  • Moodboard Creative Direction

  • Personal Branding

  • Photography

  • Digital Editing

Kim Purser Properties

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