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Lansdowne Property Group is a team of buyer's agents who specialise in helping home buyers, downsizers and investors find the right property for them. Directors Rob and Rachel understood the importance of having a professional identity and tasked Tamlyn Creative to come up with a brand that would project a professional image and help them stand out from the crowd. 

In our initial discovery session with Rob and Rachel, our team went about learning and understanding what Lansdowne Property Group was all about. We asked questions around why and how they started the business, any challenges they faced, what their clients and customer journey looked like, and their vision for the future.


Once complete we conducted further desktop research to gain a thorough understanding of the industry and the market at large. We then commenced on internal brainstorming and moodboards for initial direction. 


We like to collaborate closely with our clients to ensure they feel they are a part of the journey. This also allows us to incrementally develop the brand direction, asking for feedback at every step. Implementing this process in the early stages ensures a final outcome that the client will be thrilled with.


The direction we established for Lansdowne focused on the aspect of "change". Sea changes, leafy changes etc., we wanted to capture that feeling of freedom and adventure that comes with moving from the hustle and bustle of the city to a more relaxed country or coastal lifestyle.

Imagery has a lot to do with how unique the brand looks and feels. We noticed when doing our research that many competitors were using stock images and generic designs that were very bland and lacking in character. We decided to differentiate Lansdowne by incorporating a classy, artisan feel with traditional hand-painted styling.


Photography was also a key element to the brand refresh, providing a unique and genuine aesthetic that will help build rapport and trust from prospective clients. The photo session took place locally where we had fun shooting Rob and Rachel and their gorgeous dog Millie. We also shot drone photography that was unique to their business and the look we were going for.


Once the styling was complete, we developed a host of branding collateral including printed media, stationery, digital and social assets. We also assisted in refreshing the client's existing website. Plus, to ensure we were setting them up for success, we created a Canva Brand Kit giving them access to all the approved colours, typefaces and brand assets, along with a suite of templates to tie in nicely with the brand identity. 

Project scope

  • Rebranding

  • Identity Design

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Photography

  • Social Media Templates

  • Web Design

  • Branded Communication

  • Creative Direction

Lansdowne Property Group

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